5 Minute Reset!

Refresh and Refocus so You Can Get More Out of Your Productive Purposeful Day!

But the world is starting to realize that yoga has a lot more to offer!

Are you ready to take the next step and get more out of your practice?

What would it mean for your life if your body was comfortable and moved freely?

The Community is a place where you can start to personalize your yoga Asana practice. Get more out of your time on and off the mat!

Explore all of the 8 limbs:

External Discipline


This limb is about how you treat others. Be truthful and kind to other people, don’t overindulge in vices, let go of what is holding you back. Be forgiving.

Internal Discipline


This limb is about how you treat yourself. Take good care of your physical health. Stay up on your selfcare. Speak, behave and take time to rest and reflect. Be good to you!

Physical Yoga


postures that make your body comfortable freeing your mind and, making space for thought, mindfulness and meditation.



Pay attention to your breath. Work to cultivate a deep expansive inhale and long soothing exhale.

Look Inward


Know yourself. Look inward for what you need. Minimize the impact of the external world on your body and mind. 



Concentration and introspective focus, practice focusing on one thing of your choosing without allowing your mind to wander or jump around. ​

Reflection without Judgment


practice contemplation of anything your life, what you see or hear… your plan for life or your past, without judging or building expectations.



Feel a sense of flow or connection to your creator, your goals, your job or focus. Feel the power of focus, purpose and abundance.

As part of the community you will have the opportunity to stay connected and participate in Asana session, Build a Personal Practice and stay up on all of the Workshops and ON-Line Courses that will keep you growing and moving in the directions of your best life!

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